Psychotherapy refers to the type of therapy conducted in a conversational setting. It is designed to help clients understand their feelings and symptoms so they can learn the best ways to handle difficult situations or situations that make them feel uncomfortable.

During psychotherapy, clients share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, hopes, or goals. The therapist can help clients understand their feelings and what makes them feel stressed, anxious, or unhappy.

The length, course, duration and goals of therapy are determined between the therapist and the client. All conversations are held in the strictest confidence.

Therapy is available for individuals, couples, families, or groups and is beneficial for adults, teenagers, and children.

Psychotherapy can help people with a variety of conditions or difficulties. At Hoeksema Psychological Services, treatment is available for the following conditions:

Depression – working through features and situations causing or contributing to various types of depression

Anxiety – alleviating symptoms and features that create anxiety and stress

Marital, relational, and family problems – addressing communication difficulties and working through conflicts and “stuck points” hindering recovery in relationships

Sexual addiction – coming alongside those who struggle with the trappings that pornography or sex addiction can cause and helping them to become free and make healthy choices

Grief and loss – helping others process and work through the various stages of grief and loss

Stress management – helping patients develop coping skills and strategies to better manage stress

Spiritual issues – coming alongside and helping others feel more connected spiritually

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