Consulting & Coaching

Hoeksema Psychological Services offers a variety of consulting and coaching services to assist clients in achieving their future goals. Dr. Hoeksema works with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations, offering his advice and expertise through sessions and training.

Professional services are offered in the following areas:

Team building – to help work teams understand and function well in their various roles and responsibilities

Conflict management – to encourage clients to work through interpersonal conflicts that interfere with workplace performance and morale

Employee hiring and retention – to assist in the process of finding and keeping the right people for the right jobs

Personal development and growth – to encourage balance between work and home life

Stress management – to help clients explore and develop healthy overall coping mechanisms to deal with stress

Time management – to assist clients in finding ways to use time more effectively and organize projects from start to finish.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call Hoeksema Psychological Services at 616-355-0473.