Hoeksema Psychological Services offers therapy services in Holland, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Jim Hoeksema has provided psychotherapy in private practice for more than 20 years and spent 13 years as a staff psychologist with several organizations, including Holland Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services, Steelcase’s Counseling Center, and the State Prison of Southern Michigan in Jackson, Michigan, prior to founding his own practice.

Dr. Hoeksema offers professional services in the areas of psychotherapy and organizational consulting and coaching. As a psychotherapist, his goal is to provide competent and caring services that will relieve suffering and distress, resolve conflicts, and facilitate healthy growth for individuals and their relationships. As a consultant and coach, he works to help organizations and individuals become more effective and productive in their respective functions.

Seeing psychotherapy and consulting/coaching as interactive processes, Dr. Hoeksema is an active participant in therapy with his clients. During a session, he will offer his perspective and share his thoughts. His practice has been built on a model of active listening while caring for his clients, engaging with them during sessions, and giving feedback. This approach has helped numerous people and organizations become healthier and more effective.

 To meet Dr. Hoeksema and schedule an initial appointment, call 616-355-0473 or email jim@jameshoeksema.com.