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On this website I share information about myself and the professional services that I offer in the areas of psychotherapy and organizational consulting and coaching.  I believe that both psychotherapy and consulting/coaching are an interactive process.


Therefore, I am an active participant with my clients, offering my perspective and sharing my thoughts. Through the process of active listening, engagement, caring and feedback given, I have helped people and organizations become more healthy and effective.


Please take a look at the information contained on this site, and if you believe my services would be a good match for your needs, contact me about scheduling an initial appointment.


Thank you for your interest!

Mindful or Mind full?

This may not actually be true, as so many things we believe aren’t, but it certainly feels like we as humans are busier today than ever before.  Our days are longer; we work more, get involved in more community activities and keep our kids busy as well.  The weeks go by in a rushed haze […]

Bring on the Sun

Spring break weather in Michigan is always a roll of the dice, but this year, with such a mild overall winter and no more snow in site, it looked as if Old Man Winter had cast his sights elsewhere for the season.  Until he looped back around.  While it appeared as if almost everyone was […]

Holiday Blues

The Holidays are in full swing! This means colorful lights, jolly Christmas music, and of course snow. While, the holidays are known to bring happiness to people, you may feel yourself feeling more down and anxious. This may mean you have Holiday Blues. There are many causes, including over planning and unrealistic expectations that can […]